Monday, August 22, 2011

First day of challenge!

So today was awesome!I got up @ 5:30 to take the hubby to work and came back and layed back down for about 15 minutes and I got back up and got my fitness gear on. Yes I did just just say fitness gear lol. I cooked myself what I know I can off of my diet plan 1 egg and half of a slice of bread and it wasnt the heftiest(if I even spelled that right) meal, but it did what I needed it to do. I walked and brought on some sweat for a mile walk and I had my babygirl Bella to accompany me. love that dog, even though she slows me down a bit. I came back in the house and did about 100 crunches and my own made up exercises that worked and it has me sore :O I love it though. I have so much confindence that I have felt a dramatic change in myself and I want to share it with the world. So my morning workout and lean breakfast was a success.

Well off to new and better things, first day of classes started today, if anyone is wondering i attend Mesa Community College.

which has made me a smarter person, by continuing my education. First class today I had reading and it was great I love the teacher and she was super nice and I think that I'll have a great semester. I also got to check out the gym today and I am excited to get things moving with my exercises.

After I got out of class, I got to meet up with my friend Cari which was nice I missed hanging out with her. She invited me to go to starbucks and get something to drink, but I was a bit reluctant becasue I cant have much on this 500 calorie diet so I looked at the menu and asked what was a low calorie drink and they gave the perfect drink, which was only 45 calories and no sugar wild berry refresher yup.. I think I can even make it at home now, rasberries and water how easy is that. It helped so much from a bit hungry Im not gonna lie this diet has me a bit hungry, but its not too bad. so yay for me on having a delicious low calorie drink.

Today is a really great and wonderful day and im super proud of myself, so far im keeping up with the diet and for lunch I had 1 cup of steamed broccoli and 1 small gala apple, and to tell you the truth pretty darn tasty for a bland meal. For dinner its pretty much the same thing, except adding a fresh small portioned salad with no dressing yay! haha. I havent ever has so much strength in myself and I didnt think that it would make a huge difference in my life, but it does and I feel like a whole different person and for good. well everyone this is going to get tougher which means I just have to get stronger and Im okay with that. lol.

Everyone have a wonderful day and Ill have an update tomorrow and see how it goes with tomorrows selection. happy day today. Also ill be posting a daily picture of myself, so I can see my own progress!:)

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